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Rome, past and present.

Rome, past and present.

Each year between June and September, the banks of the Tiber River between Ponte Sublicio and Ponte Sisto come to life each evening  starting at 7 PM with fun, music, food, culture, shopping and more.

This summer long festival is not just for the Romans. Millions of visitors make their way along the Tiber River to enjoy a festive evening in Rome.

Riverside tables invite visitors to sit and enjoy a variety of local and international food and wine, as well as a variety of other beverages.

Clusters of stalls selling everything from crafts, souvenirs, clothing, accessories, works of art, music, toys, and knick knacks add a sparkle with unique shopping opportunities.





Open air wine shops, bars, and lounges under the stars and along the rushing water of the Tuber sure beats their indoor counterparts.

Jazz music, films, performances, photo galleries and artistic exhibitions enhance your cultural experience.

A wide variety of eateries have set up cozy tables along the river. Most of the eateries are not restaurant style cuisine as they do not have fully equipped restaurant style kitchens. Most of the food is prepared and served quickly.

If you prefer a normal sit town dinner, perhaps you can enjoy an aperitif before dinner, or an after dinner drink with a stroll enjoying the night time festivities taking place.








Nearby on Isola Tiberina (Tiber Island), there is also the annual summer cinema festival “Isola del Cinema”. Foreign and Italian films are shown in open air cinemas.

The “Isola del Cinema”, is a special event in the general context of the event, Three halls, 600 seats, films for all tastes in a magical place in the center of Rome: film premieres, a focus on filmmaking from Italy and the world .

Making a preview of the exhibition spaces in 3D was for me the pretext to reconstruct along the timeline as was the island in ancient Rome and create a parallel with the current one that still bears the marks of its glorious past. Today as the hour is still there to share


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Casavecchia Sergio
Casavecchia Sergio